Indian Wedding Outfit

Indian Wedding Outfits

Indian weddings are characterized by various occasions such as the mehendi party, sangeet party, the actual wedding occasion and the final reception. So, an Indian bride can enjoy a variety of colorful outfits for each of these occasions and make the moments even more memorable.

Sangeet outfit

The Sangeet party is another fun-filled party organized in most of the Indian weddings. This being a fun-filled party, simple, casual and traditional outfits that are free to dance are used. The traditional choli and lenghas are preferred for this party. However, chudidars are also being used now-a-days. Most of the brides prefer to wear latest styles for this party.

Reception outfit

The reception outfits take a modern look to make the bride look outstanding. Reception outfits are characterized by heavy embroidery and bright colors. Few brides prefer the traditional lenghas and saris even for the reception party. Select outfit of your choice modern or traditional just make sure that it keeps you special in the crowd.

Indian wedding outfit

The actual wedding outfit of the bride looks gorgeous with a traditional mix of bright colors and gold color. Apart from the costume the gold jewelry make the bride look attractive. Red, green and white lenghas are preferred by most of the brides. The outfits along with jewelry, mehendi and the bhindhi give a stunning appearance to the Indian bride.

Mehendi outfit

The mehendi party is celebrated in different ways depending on the family culture and tradition of the bride and bridegroom. Whatever the culture, the mehendi party that is part of the most Indian weddings is characterized by fun, a get together dinner and filling of mehendi designs on hands of the bride. In some traditions such as the Punjabi culture even the men get small mehendi designs done on their hands. Generally, the brides prefer using bright looking outfit that is comfortable to wear at least for three to five hours as the designing takes long time depending on the artist and the design. Outfits with a back zipper are preferred for the mehendi party as such costumes would be easy to change.

Now that you know the various outfits used in Indian weddings make sure to select the best outfit and the matching jewelry to make those wedding moments memorable. Take the help of family members and friends in selecting the wedding outfits. If you are not sure of which one to select, take a snap of yourself after trying an outfit of your preference. Later after returning home, check all the snaps of the Indian Wedding and select the outfit that best fits you.