Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Camel Leather Items in Jaipur

The imperial heritage city of India, Jaipur is famous for its rich leather craft industries. The Ship of the Desert, Camel is a common site in the city. As such camel leather items like bags, shoes, wallets and sandals are renowned all over the world for their elegance and design. The products are the joint effort of Rajasthani men and women. While men are involved in tanning, cutting and hemming, women look after the embroidery. The ‘Bapu Bazar’ in Jaipur is the storehouse of camel leather items. Of all, the camel leather footwear and bags are most popular among the tourists. Therefore, do not get lured only by the crafts, fabrics and jewelries of the city, but gaze wider for the leather market too. For More Information on www.jaipurmagazine.com