Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Custom Made Wedding Sherwani Online

Sherwani, Jodhpuri suit, baggy jodhpurs are such unique articles of clothing that getting them in readymade sizes spoils their attraction for which they are known. So getting them custom made is the first priority one should understand before ordering online. Now the big question is how to get them online with good custom fitting.

We have made this possible for you through our website  We have been making custom made men garments for our customers worldwide and we have no hitch in saying that we have a very high success rate of getting satisfied customers.

We are in custom made men garments business from last 5 years and together with 3 years online we have developed such a process that chances of getting ill fitted suit or any garment from our website is very rare. So you are assured of getting perfect fit of Jodhpuri suit , Nehru suit , Sherwani , Jodhpur pants , Nehru shirts , Western suits and many other items  on our website sitting at your home/office. This too without coming to India or without going to men stores in  your country  by paying much more than what we are delivering you at your home/office from here. The time of delivery from India to your doorsteps worldwide is generally between 11 to 15 calendar days. So please  shun out any doubt when you want to order any garment on our website.

Now regarding measurements we have provided separate measurement forms for every garment. They are developed in such away that you don’t need a professional tailor to measure them. Only thing is that you just follow the instruction carefully and provide your measurement there and then leave the rest on us. Later on supply all the necessary information regarding measurements if we need them. I hope and wish ordering men custom made garments online is just as easy on our website as getting good results form a software on computer which you haven’t built.


  1. I also want to buy some Sherwani and indo western dresses. Thanks for sharing us this blog. I really get some amazing outfit by online.
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  2. Excellent blog.. Tailored suit or Mens Made to Measurement is most important part to getting your suits to look the way you want it..! Thank you for sharing the post with us...