Friday, 13 July 2012

Men's Beach Wedding Attire

Indo Western Suits
Men have many different options to choose from when attending a beach wedding, whether they are in the groom, groomsmen or a guest depending on the time of day, weather and theme of the wedding. Beach weddings are usually more casual in style then a traditional wedding and the attire can also follow that similar trend. For example, the attire at a summer beach wedding is certainly going to differ to that of a formal indoor wedding. Most likely an invitation will not specify the attire for the beach wedding so it is important to understand all of the options and what may be appropriate for the occasion. Most likely the groom's wedding attire will match the bride's attire and the groomsmen will likely match the bride's maids'. If the bride is wearing a formal wedding gown, the groom will also want to wear a formal outfit, but it does not necessarily need to be a tux. Even if a bride is in a typical style wedding gown, the groom can definitely get away with a suit with or without a tie. A light colored suit may be the best choice for the groom as well as the men attending the wedding as it will be cool and comfortable as well as stylish.

Cotton shirts, cotton pants, drawstring linen pants, linen shirts, and seersucker are also a great choice for the wedding party as they are both comfortable and appropriate. If the wedding is taking place during the day, a button-up shirt with dress slacks may be suitable. The outfit should be light-weight, especially if the wedding is mid-day. If the theme of the wedding is less formal, the wedding party and guests can even opt for shorts and a nice polo shirt or even Hawaiian shirts and sandals or flip-flops. However this may not be appropriate at all time. If the wedding is held in the evening, a suit and jacket or dark suit can be worn.

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