Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bridal Wedding Safa

Bridal Wedding Safa
Grooms who choose to wear a safa on their wedding day will never have a hard time choosing the kind they want. This is because there are a lot of options available to them. The safa comes in various sizes and designs. Some places that sell safas actually give the garment's weight when describing it to potential customers. Of course, the weight of the safa holds a lot of importance because a groom does not want to be uncomfortable on this very important occasion. The safa holds importance to the groom's attire because it is traditional and is a must have as well. The garment is made out of different materials such as chunari, zari and Ghat Chola. It also has very intricate details in the design. There are also different sizes that grooms can choose from for the perfect fit. The safa also comes in different colors, such as red, blue, white. The most common color is red with gold thread designs. You can also purchase a safa that has a sehra attached to it.

The turban is a symbol of consecration and dedication, and is essential for anointment. This garment is very well known, even to people who are not part of the Hindu culture. It is certainly one of the things that make people who practice this religion unique from everyone else. You can easily tell if a person has a Hindu background by the clothes that they wear and the safa, or the turban.

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