Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bridal Dhoti Kurta And Pajama

Dhoti Kurta For Bridegroom
Kurta Pajama is one of the basic styles of conventional Indian wear of men. The kurta is male tunic that is worn over a Pajama. It is a long and loose-fitting long shirt over pants. The Kurtha Pajama can either be full length or short length till the waist. The full length kurta can be till the ankles or till the knees. The kurtha style can be either formal or informal depending on how it is actually made. This is commonly worn with veshti or long flowing skirt. With a little variation in the kurta or in the Pajama, the Indian attire can be worn in various ways. Some of the common styles are: the regular style, Pathani style kurta and Pajama, kurta and Churidhar Pajama.

The most important of the wedding is the dress to be worn. Kurta pajama is one of the most favored choices of dress for men. Some of the recent collections of wedding kurta pajama are embroidered kurta pajamas for marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions, designer wedding kurtta pajama, Indian kurtha pajama and many more.

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