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Basic Tips for Men's Suits

Designer Suits
A wedding is a time for celebration. Don't feel left out or awkward by selecting the wrong type of men's suits. Stick to classic looks, dark colours, and you'll be as well dressed as the groom.Winter is drawing near, and it won't be long until holiday inspired cards and party invitations start making their way to your mailbox. Along with these annual holiday cards, you may find yourself invited to at least one winter wedding. Whether this is your first winter wedding or you happen to be a seasoned pro at dressing for formal events, you'll still glean a few tips from the following advice on men's suits. The first step to dressing appropriately for any wedding is to determine whether the event is formal or semi-formal. A semi-formal wedding invitation isn't as difficult as you may think. The tuxedo is obviously ruled out, so what men's suits are best?

With this type of affair, there are several options you will have for your wardrobe.

Depending on your current wardrobe, you may not need to shop for the upcoming event. Do you own a black, tailored power suit? Most men do. Although you generally pull this out for business meetings or when giving a presentation, a black suit is perfect for a winter wedding.
If you are wondering whether a blazer, tweed jacket, or sports jacket are appropriate for a winter wedding, the general answer is no. Stick to dark coloured men's suits. You wouldn't want to show up feeling underdressed. Semi-formal means black tie or tux are not required. Be respectful of the occasion by looking your best.
A wedding is generally not the time to try out that brightly coloured shirt or a new style trend. Even at semi-formal occasions, you'll feel your confident best when you stick to a timeless, classic look. A white button cuff dress shirt and a silk tie with pocket square are perfect.

A formal wedding is going to require a little more preparation and style. At a formal wedding, everyone is dressed to the nines. With a little help, you can be too. Here are a few of the choices you may have for a formal celebration.

The ultimate formal attire for men has to be the tuxedo. This piece of clothing exhibits class and sophistication. Choose a tux in a wool blend for winter weddings; this type of fabric will keep you warm despite the cool weather. Many tuxedos also come with a Teflon coating, to resist stains and keep you looking sharp through the entire event.
Wedding suits are generally different than everyday suits. For winter weddings, it is best to choose suits in darker colours, such as black, dark grey or navy blue. Wool is ideal for the season.

The Latest Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding Sherwani
Wedding dress designers let their creative juices flow when creating their designer masterpiece for today's discerning bride. Some designers take their inspiration from the 1920's and 1930's with loose fitting designs and others turn to the 40's with wide shoulders and slim waistlines. For many though the defining era of a vintage wedding dress is the golden era of the 1950's and 1960's. Hollywood greats Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor wooed cinema audiences with their style and sophistication, leading many a commentator to taking greater interest in their fashion statements than their acting abilities. But perhaps the most famous of all actresses to inspire vintage wedding dress design was Audrey Hepburn. Her classic figure, stunning looks and winning personality were the hallmark of an actress the envy of many an onlooker. A screen icon to this day, her style can be seen in many a vintage inspired wedding dress over 50 years later. Dress designers all over the world claim Audrey to be their inspiration - with clean necklines, low cut backs, soft flowing hems and three quarter length dresses being elements of their signature designs.

When working with a designer, brides can select their favourite design elements and embellishments to create a truly one-off unique vintage classic. Don't be restricted by what you see in front of you - take along your own ideas and work with your designer. You may have magazine clippings or images you've seen in your search on-line. Some will work really well with your designers dresses, others won't - but never be afraid to ask. The hallmark of a good designer is to take their client's preferences and incorporate those in to their own dress designs. You'll usually know when it will or won't work and your designer will be able to give you good advice why some things may or may not be recommended for a particular style of dress.

So whether your inspiration is the golden era of Hollywood or a modern classic design with influences from a bygone era you can be confident of looking and feeling like a true star on your big day.

We see bride-to-be's every day of the week. Some come full of ideas and a very clear about the look they want. Others arrive with us as a blank canvas and take their inspiration from the dresses and designs they see on the day. Whether you're the former or the latter the bridal experience is the same as you watch your dress come alive over the weeks and months before your very big day. Only by working with a wedding dress designer can you create your very own uniquely styled, vintage wedding dress. Edel is an award winning wedding dress designer in Drogheda, Ireland. She designs one-of-a-kind designer wedding dresses for discerning brides in Ireland.

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Mens Wedding Attire

Mens Wedding Suit
Men's wedding attire is usually more complicated. As fashion experts assert, it may be more challenging to dress and accessorize men than women. Aside from that, many men are not actually concerned about their fashion sense. They would rather be comfortable than be fashionable. However, modern men have changed. A proof to this is the popularity of men's wedding attire. Yes, most men of today are now anxious to be fashionable. They would be more comfortable if they dress up appropriately. For a formal wedding, a basic tuxedo is ideal even if you are a guest. Match it with a grosgrain or satin lapels, a black jacket, a bow tie, trousers, and a cummerbund. If a full evening dress is required in the invitation, going with a white tie is the fashionable deed to do. In a wedding party, black tie is usually preferred. You may opt to come in a white dinner jacket or simply, a tux. As a wedding guest, charcoal- or black-colored suit would always be fine. For daytime wedding, black tie could be considered optional. It would be better if you would come in linen or tweed suit in a fashionably classic dark or earthy colour.

men's wedding attire for specific seasons

When choosing men's wedding attire, you may consider the season and the time of the wedding. If the wedding day falls in a spring or summer, twill or linen suits are ideal. For beach weddings, you may drop the tie and go wearing a simple blazer on top of dress pants in perfect shade of beige, blue, cream, or grey.

For a night wedding during spring or summer, avoid wool suits as the weather may already be warm enough. Choose a comfortable ensemble of cotton. Go wearing a darker-colored suit.In a wedding party, black-tie tux still is a must.

Accessories for men's wedding attire

Accessorizing is another typical problem among men. Avoid being a possible fashion victim by going with the right accessories. For the classic tux option, satin or silk bow tie in black with cummerbund is fashionable. As an alternative, go for vest and solid black tie.

Your belt must be thin, shiny, and black. For formal wear and tuxedos, belts could be replaced by waistcoat, cummerbund, or suspenders. If you opt to wear cufflinks, silver or pearl compliments men's wedding attire during daytime, while gold or black is fashionable during evening events.

Friday, 20 July 2012

How to Choose Men's Formal Wear For a Wedding

Men's Designer Suit
Fortunately, grooms suits and wedding attire choices for him and his groomsmen have returned to the classic styles of the past, which make these men look wonderful! The groom's suit or tuxedo should vary slightly from his attendants' so that he stands apart from them, but the rest of the group should be identically dressed. The formality of the wedding, the time of day or evening, the number of bridesmaids and the bride's gown all play a role in determining the apparel of the groom and his groomsmen. For an informal wedding, where the bride wears a short dress or suit, the groom and groomsmen may wear black, dark blue or dark gray business suits with white shirts and gray or gray and white striped ties. For a daytime summer wedding, dark blazers worn with white or gray trousers are always appropriate. For a formal white-tie or black-tie evening wedding, the grooms suits should be full dress or tails, including black tailcoat with white pique' waistcoats and bow tie, white shirt with a wing collar, studs and cuff links. Top hats and white gloves may also be worn as part of the grooms wedding attire. Shoes should be plain, undecorated and black, and worn with black dress socks. They should be un-scuffed and polished.

Black patent leather shoes are worn for a black-tie or white-tie evening wedding. Be sure to check for a reputable store for your tuxedo rentals and reserve your tuxedos several weeks before the wedding. Out of town attendants can send their measurements to you or the store and they can be measured at any tuxedo store where they live. Be sure they know the brand name and style number of the tuxedo you've chosen for them to wear. When you rent your tuxedos, you will generally receive the pants, jacket, shirt, tie, vest or cummerbund for a package price.

Shoes, top hats and gloves can be rented for an extra fee. It doesn't hurt to check on special promotions or discounts that may be available. Oftentimes, the groom's tuxedo will be free or discounted with a certain number of paid rentals for the rest of the wedding party. To allow for last minute alterations that may be needed, have the groom, groomsmen, ushers and fathers pick up their tuxedos a few days before the wedding. It is usually best to delegate one person to be in charge of the tuxedo returns. Always make sure you check with the store about their return policy for your grooms suits.

Types of Collars on Men's Sherwani

Sherwani is one of the most preferred traditional attire for men. Men prefer to wear them on festivals like Diwali, Eid and also love to wear them on wedding occasions. The collar of the sherwani makes it stylish and trendy.

The style of collar in a sherwani depends on following 2 basic factors
  • Your face cut- For example if you have wide jawlines you should choose proportionately large collars similarly if you have a narrow jaw structure go for little round collars
  • Your shoulder structure helps to define space between the collars for example if you have well toned straight shoulders always go for wide and V collars.
Choice of collars in Indian sherwani depends on person to person. Few of the most popular style of collars in Sherwani's are

1) Rounded Collar Sherwani -
  • Stiffed round collar It is in shape of English letter "O"
  • It has a short width
  • It creates a very stubby look around the neckline
  • If the collars are really close knitted they are also called crew neck
2) V neck Collar Sherwani - V necklines are always in style and in fashion
  • It is in shape of English letter "V"
  • It is one of the sexiest styles of collar available for men's dressing
  • They make you look slim. They take the focus of away from the rounder area of the neck and jaw
3) Mandarin collars/Chinese collars/Cadet collar
  • It's a small standing collar open at the front
  • They are very popular among Indian traditional jackets and sherwanis

Friday, 13 July 2012

Men's Beach Wedding Attire

Indo Western Suits
Men have many different options to choose from when attending a beach wedding, whether they are in the groom, groomsmen or a guest depending on the time of day, weather and theme of the wedding. Beach weddings are usually more casual in style then a traditional wedding and the attire can also follow that similar trend. For example, the attire at a summer beach wedding is certainly going to differ to that of a formal indoor wedding. Most likely an invitation will not specify the attire for the beach wedding so it is important to understand all of the options and what may be appropriate for the occasion. Most likely the groom's wedding attire will match the bride's attire and the groomsmen will likely match the bride's maids'. If the bride is wearing a formal wedding gown, the groom will also want to wear a formal outfit, but it does not necessarily need to be a tux. Even if a bride is in a typical style wedding gown, the groom can definitely get away with a suit with or without a tie. A light colored suit may be the best choice for the groom as well as the men attending the wedding as it will be cool and comfortable as well as stylish.

Cotton shirts, cotton pants, drawstring linen pants, linen shirts, and seersucker are also a great choice for the wedding party as they are both comfortable and appropriate. If the wedding is taking place during the day, a button-up shirt with dress slacks may be suitable. The outfit should be light-weight, especially if the wedding is mid-day. If the theme of the wedding is less formal, the wedding party and guests can even opt for shorts and a nice polo shirt or even Hawaiian shirts and sandals or flip-flops. However this may not be appropriate at all time. If the wedding is held in the evening, a suit and jacket or dark suit can be worn.

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Variety of Designer Suits for Men

Mens Designer Suits
Men love suits and feel their wardrobe is verily incomplete without a good looking suit! Men's blazers and suits have always been in high demand all over the world. And men are surely fascinated with designer items such as slim cut suits. At first look, you may not find much difference in normal suits or a slim fit, but there are subtle changes in style and cut to enhance the personality of the wearer. Retail owners or establishments sell American, British or Italian kind of suits to customers. And these suits can also be categorized into many sub-categories. The market demand for such men's apparels has grown dynamically over the years. This is good news for traders and retailers who indulge exclusively in men's wear. Nowadays, man is more fashion conscious and wears clothes that boost his personality and status.

Designer men's suits are very popular and easily available in various kinds of cool or warm color schemes. Similarly, searching for good quality and best designer suits for men with cost effective rates can be an uphill task. Some suitable places to search for inexpensive designer suits like thrift shops, wholesale dealers and retail stores who offer discounts and free gifts. Potential buyers can also check out online websites of popular brands, who may offer at discounted price rates. Online shopping can help you choose from a wide range of designer collection of men's suits.

Latest fashion in suits include monochrome suiting, it is trendy and classy. Monochrome suits with Indo-western designs and mix of embroidered patterns and embellishments are sure to attract fashion conscious men who want to steal the show. Likewise, designer suits in classic shades of blue, gray, beige, black or white can win praise and admiration of colleagues and friends for you.

Business to business ideas and strategies for businessmen in clothing line can always aid in creasing their sales and generating loyal customer base. Most marketing ideas are conveyed to the customers through social networking sites, discussion boards, free advertising spaces and good content write ups.

Trendy Wedding Sherwanis For Men

Indian Wedding Sherwani
Everyone dreams of having a fascinating wedding with lavish decorations, varied feasts and most importantly glamorous dressing attires. Especially in Indian weddings it is believed that clothes are an utmost important and crucial part of any ceremony. This occasion is all about different ceremonies each day and so bride and groom get a chance to be treated like king and queen. Just like bride, groom also dreams of looking amazing and handsome on this special day of their lives. These days groom makes every possible effort to be a topic for praise and admiration on this auspicious occasion.Despite of various choices available for men like suits, achkans, kurtas the best option that can be chosen on a wedding is traditional Indian sherwani. Sherwani being the most traditional form and part of Indian culture gives Indian groom an elegant and ethnic look. Indian sherwani is like a knee length jacket which has front opening buttons and a Nehru collar. It is usually paired with a fitted churidar or a jodhpuri which adds further grace to grooms out look.

Indian wedding costumes are exclusively designed with hand embroidered work and have a spectacular crystal, mirror, stones, beads and sequins work. According to budget and comfort, a groom can put hand on a sherwani of his choice. These are made using different materials like crinkled tissues, zardozi, crepes, woven silk and even with cotton.

These are available in almost all colors such as browns, mauves, creams with maroon and golden being an all time favorite. It can be worn with a matching stole, sehra or a bandhni pagri. For such a grand occasion every groom wants to look at his best and it would be better to know where to find these dresses for men.

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The Attire for Indian Grooms

 Attire for Indian Grooms
Weddings in India are famous for its dress and apparel, in particular the attire for the Indian groom makes the weddings in India distinct and separate. Indian wedding dresses are a wide canvass and it includes many fascinating objects like the groom shervani, the groom wedding sehra, The groom shoes, The groom wedding turban. Choosing the correct type of sehra, turban, shoes for the groom involves lot of time and effort and is one of the top challenges undertaken by the family as well as Indian wedding planners. Indian weddings are unique due to the attire worn both by the bride and the groom. After dressing up with the elegantly looking wedding attire, the groom accompanied with the barat enters the brides residence to exchange the permanent wedding vows. Groom accessories play a very important role in a traditional Indian wedding. Indian wedding planners pay a great importance to Shervani which is one of the main accessories for the groom. The Shervani is worn with heavy Curidar Kurta or Jodhpuri suit and it occupies an important place in the pantheon of the exhaustive array of Indian wedding dresses.There are many special stores and even boutiques catering to the diverse aspects of the attire for Indian Groom. For celebrity weddings many a times the wedding attire like sherwani, and even shoes are conceptualized and designed by the famous designers of India.

Indian weddings enthrall both Indians and foreigners. Indian wedding dresses are a craze even with foreigners, Many a times newly married couple from Europe, Australia and other Asian countries especially fly down to India to re solemnize their wedding vows The Indian wedding planners are professional to the core and their services include choosing the right outfit, getting the right shoes and above all looking after one's skin and hair. There are several services they offer to the Indian Groom. These assistance includes, Groom Wedding Sehra, Groom Ethnic Wear, Groom Wedding Turban, Groom Shoes, Groom Accessories, Groom Skin Care, Groom Hair Care, and Groom Shervani. Similarly, The groom hair care and The groom skin care are some of the other important components for Indian wedding dresses.

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Indian Men's Wedding Dresses

Dressing in best is not just enough to showcase style; rather, it is an art that comes to rare with a touch of elegance. When it comes to dressing men, things needs to be creative as they have less variety in terms of dresses. Men, usually, have shirts, trousers, jeans, t-shirts, Sherwani, kurta, pajama and dhoti to be worn. All these are teamed-up with each other to make a variety of combinations. Out of these forms of dresses, men’s Sherwani is the best attire to give imperialistic looks to the guy. In fact, in Sherwani, men look just so handsome and stylish that they get the tendency to steal the show. Generally, men’s sherwani is complete three piece attire that includes Sherwani, pajami and a stole to be hanged around neck. Though, it is a traditional form of dress for men; fashion designers have been experimenting a lot with the kind of work done on them, cuts given to the sherwani and a mix of color combination.

A formal shirt and trouser for a wedding or a party sometimes become too ordinary. For a modern Indian man today there could be nothing more stylish and appealing than a Jodhpuri coat. Jodhpuri suits add an indefinable aristocracy and sophistication along with an ethnic touch. Traditional menswears are available in new varieties, colors and have a perfect blend of modern and contemporary fashion statement. Even international designers are trying their hands for bringing more options through Indian fashion elements.

Indian wedding safa, sherwani, dhoti kurta, pajama And shoes , which is an all time favorite for men, is custom designed according to taste, style and color choice. It is one of the most popular wedding dress that everyone equally likes. You may go for a heavy traditional sherwani with embroidery all that gives you a majestic look on the d-day. Sherwani helps to make you look elegant and attractive than you already are! Fashion designers usually prefer offering the sherwani with a typical Nehru collar followed by a buttoned up look on front. Most of the sherwanis are usually made long and are meant to be at least knee-length. Sherwani looks best along with appropriate jooties and sandals. If you are a casual dresser and the wedding not so important then you can put on your collarless Kurta with even your pair of jeans. The markets are flooded with stylish kurtas in pastels and other bolder colors for modern indians. The older men still prefer to be seen at parties in embroidered dhoti and kurta. This makes them feel closer to their ethnicity and gives them an respectable look.

For the powerful and vibrant men nothing matches better than a pathani suit. A simple pathani suit can make you stand out in the crowd. Indian fashion designers have experimented with pathani suits also and now you can get them in heavy embellishments and embroidered work. Indian fashion designers now create vibrant wedding dresses based on traditional dresses.

Bridal Dhoti Kurta And Pajama

Dhoti Kurta For Bridegroom
Kurta Pajama is one of the basic styles of conventional Indian wear of men. The kurta is male tunic that is worn over a Pajama. It is a long and loose-fitting long shirt over pants. The Kurtha Pajama can either be full length or short length till the waist. The full length kurta can be till the ankles or till the knees. The kurtha style can be either formal or informal depending on how it is actually made. This is commonly worn with veshti or long flowing skirt. With a little variation in the kurta or in the Pajama, the Indian attire can be worn in various ways. Some of the common styles are: the regular style, Pathani style kurta and Pajama, kurta and Churidhar Pajama.

The most important of the wedding is the dress to be worn. Kurta pajama is one of the most favored choices of dress for men. Some of the recent collections of wedding kurta pajama are embroidered kurta pajamas for marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions, designer wedding kurtta pajama, Indian kurtha pajama and many more.

Bridal Wedding Safa

Bridal Wedding Safa
Grooms who choose to wear a safa on their wedding day will never have a hard time choosing the kind they want. This is because there are a lot of options available to them. The safa comes in various sizes and designs. Some places that sell safas actually give the garment's weight when describing it to potential customers. Of course, the weight of the safa holds a lot of importance because a groom does not want to be uncomfortable on this very important occasion. The safa holds importance to the groom's attire because it is traditional and is a must have as well. The garment is made out of different materials such as chunari, zari and Ghat Chola. It also has very intricate details in the design. There are also different sizes that grooms can choose from for the perfect fit. The safa also comes in different colors, such as red, blue, white. The most common color is red with gold thread designs. You can also purchase a safa that has a sehra attached to it.

The turban is a symbol of consecration and dedication, and is essential for anointment. This garment is very well known, even to people who are not part of the Hindu culture. It is certainly one of the things that make people who practice this religion unique from everyone else. You can easily tell if a person has a Hindu background by the clothes that they wear and the safa, or the turban.

Men's Designer Sherwanis

Designer Sherwani
Sherwani is one of the most elegant outfits of men. It looks very ethnic and traditional and enhances the appeal of men physique giving it a more royal look. Although, to be used in the regular dress sherwani for Earlier many men belonging to the North Indian Belt, it is worn only during festive occasions and anniversaries today or wedding. Men's sherwani is very tastefully designed since, V and price range is too immense. Nowadays, owing to the e-technology, shopping online has become a regular affair. Indian Weddings are colorful, traditional, glittery and exciting affairs. The engagement ceremony, mehendi, Sangeet and many other pre-wedding functions make a perfect setting to enjoy the occasion of the marriage, and bring a good dose of music, fun, and Happiness. For the perfect wedding, the Bride and Groom for the Wedding Ensemble has also to be outstanding. A stylish collection of sherwani for the Groom, and a colorful range of wedding lehengas, suits, sarees for the Bride's heart and make the marriage a memorable affair. Jewelry like Kundan sets adorn the Bride Bridal accessories and make her look like a princess on your special day.

Nowadays, the Groom and Bride prefer to color co-ordinate their wedding attire for the marriage and other functions. In such Cases, wedding sherwanis and lehengas are available in a wide range of colors, which help them to pick up the perfect Garba for Weddings. Fashion designers also introduce a lot of new Designs and styles for the wedding attire, and offer customization according to the wearer's choice, which the modern day brides and grooms leave spoilt for choice. So, plan ahead for your wedding day, and enjoy the shopping excursions while they last!